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As a  breast cancer survivor, the owner herself is on a mission to educate everyone about Medical Thermal Imaging. The owner is a Graduate of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology. She believes  women of all ages need to know their options for breast imaging with no radiation. We work closely with other medical professionals to help bring awareness and save lives through early detection of disease through imaging physiological changes. We focus on breast health monitoring and education through our private parties for groups of women. We offer a high level of service with the most sophisticated and advanced Medical Thermal Imaging system in Southern Nevada.

Our Technology

We have the most advanced and sophisticated medical thermal imaging system in the industry, and in Southern Nevada. Thermography in the medical and research industry has come a long way in the last decade, This technology shows the thermal temperature changes of their body, which can reveal so much about what's going on with the body.

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Medical Thermal Imaging Reports

Medical Thermal Imaging Reports

Medical Thermal Imaging Reports

Jay Mead, M.D.

All Medical Thermal Images taken at Safe Body Imaging are interpreted by Jay H. Mead MD, FASCP - Board Certified Pathologist and 20-year Thermologist. One of the most experienced interpreters in the Medical Thermography industry. All reports are delivered to our patients via a HIPAA compliant email for privacy and protection. We schedule a time to review the report either over the phone or via Skype or Zoom, and after the 15 minute follow-up consultation we deliver the report and images.

Clinical Thermography Pros

Medical Thermal Imaging Reports

Medical Thermal Imaging Reports

Thermography Pros

We work with a variety of health care professionals, physicians, oncologists, chiropractors, and dentists to help them facilitate a diagnosis. Our clinical thermal imaging reports are prepared by an M.D., and delivered to you via a HIPAA compliant email. We are available for virtual consultations via private Zoom meetings online. We are  located in Southern Nevada and available for imaging small private groups all over the Vegas Valley and surrounding areas.



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